YOSHIKI made a surprise appearance at the final day of GLAY’s 20th anniversary Tokyo Dome show on May 31, and the crowd went wild. YOSHIKI uploaded rehearsal photos up on Instagram, and rumors started to fly. Screams filled the venue when these rumors became true.

YOSHIKI made his appearance during the encore of the second day. The members of GLAY introduced him onto stage after the video of GLAY’s 20th anniversary played on screen. They performed “RAIN”, their debut single written by YOSHIKI and composed by YOSHIKI & TAKURO. YOSHIKI hyped up the GLAY fans by giving theme something to remember.

GLAY debuted under YOSHIKI’s label under YOSHIKI’s production. Their debut single was a smash hit and sold 100,000 copies.

The members of GLAY directly contacted YOSHIKI and invited him to play as the surprise appearance for their 20th anniversary celebration. YOSHIKI rearranged X JAPAN’s U.S. recording schedule to appear at this event. TAKURO said, “YOSHIKI-san, thank you so much. We’ve never been happier in 20 years. 20 years ago, you noticed this little known band who only played in live houses and helped them become who they are today. My gratitude is beyond words. you. Please hug me YOSHIKI-san.” TERU also added, “Please hug me YOSHIKI-san.” JIRO and HISASHI also joined in the hug.

YOSHIKI replied, “I may have been the catalyst for their debut, but it was the staff and fans that supported GLAY over the last 20 years. Thank you very much. Please take care of GLAY in the coming years.” YOSHIKI also announced that he will put on a premium dinner show on August 14. YOSHIKI added, “This will be the second dinner show of the year. I know we can spend a wonderful time together that is a bit different from last year.

YOSHIKI Premium Dinner Show EVENING with YOSHIKI in Tokyo Japan
August 14, 2015 (Friday), the 15th (Saturday)
Doors open at 18:00, Dinner starts at 19:00
Show starts at 20:00 (22:00 projected end of show)
@ Grand Hyatt Tokyo Grand Ballroom
Price: ¥86,400 (tax included)
Tickets available at: Lawson Ticket
Presale tickets: June 1 (Monday) from 13:00

Source and Images: Barks.jp

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