Watermelon stroller/cooler. An essential item in any person anywhere’s life. I can’t believe this hadn’t been thought of yet. Thank God they finally came out with it though. Thank God.  buy it here

Translation of product description in Japanese:

Tama-chan is the whole season, and even when cool or warm depending on the season OK.
The outdoors is the really shines more! Hot summer day is a whole watermelon “Tama-chan” into the swimming GO! So cool to train in core socket for cigars.
We carry easy to carry with wheels rotate 360 degrees telescopic more!
And as cold weather heating cabinet is big success! Canned coffee and tea, meat, etc. “Tama-chan” if put in, you can always receive a warm still tasty.
Also, I put in the rookie of the constant cold temperature guests delicious rice.

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