Vending Machine in Japan puts your Face on Figurines!


Isn’t it about time you have a mini-you charm? Introducing Your Face on Figurines! OK, that is not what it is exactly called but that is exactly what it is! And guess where that kind of machine exist? That’s right. Japan!

Like the photo booths you often find here in the US and there in Japan where you go with a bunch of friends and take silly cute pictures and print them out, this machine does it similarly except you get a tiny figurine of yourself with your face on it. You take the picture, then you adjust it on the computer screen to fit the template of the figurine. Alternatively, you can also bring your own picture that you already took via USB/SD Card and use the machine just to create the charm. Once you’re happy with the results, print it out and place it on the figurine body of your choice! This will run you about $5 USD. I’d say a small price to pay for a little piece of awesomeness.

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Check out some of the results!

Source: helablog

Definitely try it if you happen to find it the next time you’re in Japan. These would make some great souvenirs for your friends and family as well if you need some last minute gift ideas but do not have enough room in your luggage to bring anything back big! These should be small enough to carry back with you!

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