We live in a land of excess, especially when it comes to food. When dining out, it’s difficult not to other that extra side of bread, or another main dish because it just sounds so darn good. But when we order more food than we can eat and waste food, it damages our environment quite a bit according to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Think About Food in Terms of the Environment: Right now, our environment is burdened by a variety of human actions. One of them is food. There are many foods that we produce that encumber our environment. ZANPANDA wants you to think about food in this way by sharing your meals.

They say that our meals affect our environment by:
1. Advancing global warming due to agriculture’s production of greenhouse gases
2. Destroying habitats in order to develop agricultural land and factories
3. Decreasing our water supply – the amount of water needed to create a day’s worth of food is about 2,000 liters
4. Wasting food, which means wasting land, water, and energy

They also suggest a few steps to prevent food waste, and one of them is to use ZANPANDA. It’s basically a social networking site that let’s your friends know that you’ve ordered too much and that you could use some help. You post a picture of the leftovers, write the conditions (i.e. first come first serve), and share it with your Facebook and/or ZANPANDA friends.

I think it’s a pretty great app, don’t you? Let’s just hope people are trustworthy, and won’t spit and rub their butts on the food!

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