Even after more than 10 years, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still one of the most highly-regarded games and one that is still being talked about and played today. One particularly person, by the name of Adam Hendrickson, made a documentary on this iconic video game. He focuses on the conception of the idea, the beta footages, the actual released game, and what lies beyond it. I really like the extensively amount of research that he has done, especially when talking about the Nintendo 64DD, a failed project from Nintendo that was supposedly going to boost gameplays and contents in their games back in the late 90s. Hendrickson even went as far as talking about uncovering the hidden/unreleased contents of the game and what the communities are doing to restore it. Check out the 3-part documentary for yourself.


(Picture belongs to Zeth64, a restoration project he and his team are working on)

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