My friend recently traveled to Hokkaido and brought me back a different omiyage.  Usually she brings me back 白い恋人(Shiroi Koibito, literally means white lovers), which is the standard omiyage from Hokkaido. It is made by Ishiya, they are square cookie sandwiches with a thin layer of white chocolate in between.

But this time she brought me back 黒い恋人 (Kuroi Koibito, literally means black lovers), made by Hokkaido Gourmet Foods.  The packaging looks like this-

and in the box, they are seven little individually wrapped chocolate covered corn bars-

Sad to say that these were not very tasty at all.  The chocolate was not sweet enough.  I like Shiro Koibito much better!

Just to let you know there was an omiyage called Omoshiroi Koibito (面白い恋人, literally means Funny Lovers) made by Yoshimoto Kyougyo(an Osaka based comedian agency) sold in Osaka as Shiroi Koibito parody.   However, Ishiya filed a lawsuit against Yoshimoto. The package of Omoshiroi Koibito-

I thought this is a funny omiyage!

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