On May 27th, an itasha gathering event, “ARC Championship Ⅴ” will be held at Okuibuki Motor Park (Okuibuki Ski Site).

Itasha is refereed to cars which have decals of fictional characters of anime, manga or video game. Itai literally means “painful” in Japanese, however anime fans started using this word to show that their anime cars may be painful or creepy to some people. Today, itasha is one of the very important anime culture in the world.

At ARC Championship Ⅴ, all the anime fans and itasha enthusiasts will gather, and you can check out 120 amazing itasha cars for free. Regardless of the car’s makers or genres, attendees will see nothing but itasha cars decorated with anime, manga or video game characters. At this event, there will be Hatsune Miku itasha showcase as well.

You will be able to enjoy itasha cars decorated with characters of Love Live!, K-On!, THE iDOLM@STER, Kantai Collection, and so on! Even if you don’t know the series, you can’t help but take photos of these amazing art of itasha.

These itasha cars will be gathered from all over Japan. Many attendees will make a trip to join this event as well. If you are in Japan, why don’t you travel to Shiga to enjoy a huge itasha event?


Date: Sunday May 27, 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm

Place: Okuibuki Motor Park

Okuibuki Kotsuhara, Yonehara City, Shiga Prefecture

Event Fee: Free


Website: https://arcchampionship.jimdo.com/


Source: PR Times



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