Part 2 of the TV anime SYNDUALITY Noir will begin airing on January 8, 2024 in Japan. The opening theme song will be “Aire” by ARCANA PROJECT, and the ending theme song will be “Drifters” by STEREO DIVE

ARCANA PROJECT is an anime song vocal group that has handled tie-ups for seven consecutive singles since their debut. The opening theme, “Aire,” with lyrics, composition, and arrangement by Shota Horie (kemu), features a bright and powerful, yet slightly melancholic melody, harmonizing the distinctive voices of the five members to deliver an impactful message with the lyrics “I want to understand you.”

STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is a sound-making project by R.O.N., who is active in various fields, including composing music for other artists and creating soundtracks for anime and other content. The ending theme song, “Drifters,” is a dance-pop music piece with intertwined poignancy and brightness. With occasional lo-fi elements, the song features a lively electronic sound with a brisk rhythm, resulting in a composition that captivates the listener throughout.

The latest promotional video for SYNDUALITY Noir, featuring “Aire,” is now available. In continuation from part
1, ARCANA PROJECT and STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION continue to enrich the world of SYNDUALITY Noir with their music.



Streaming information
“Aire” by ARCANA Project on January 9, 2024:
“Drifters” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION on January 12, 2024:

Usa Sakurano, Hana Hanamiya, Shion Aida, Aozora Sorano, and Hikaru Amano make up the five-person vocal group ARCANA PROJECT, co-produced by DEARSTAGE and Lantis. With a world view based on tarot cards as a motif, the group expresses various music genres through the performances of each member and their unique vocals. They debuted in September of 2020, singing the opening theme song “Campanella Hibiku Sora de” for the TV anime Monster Girl Doctor. Following their debut, they sang theme songs for two other TV anime shows, Redo of Healer and The Aquatope on White Sand. In August of 2022, they released their first album, GENESIS, and performed at “Animelo Summer Live 2022 -Sparkle-.” After performing “Eureka,” the ending theme song for part 1 of the TV anime Synduality: Noir, it has been confirmed that they will also perform the opening theme song “Aire” for part 2 starting in January 2024.

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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is a sound-making project by R.O.N., a versatile artist active in songwriting, composition, and arrangement across various media, including anime soundtracks and music production for other artists. The project was named after the idea of diving into the stereo sound source.
R.O.N. is a multi-talented musician who is capable of playing any kind of instrument. He is a sound artisan with a powerful sense of melody and a track-making style that incorporates futuristic synth work. He employs a wide range of expressions to produce his desired sound.
STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION aims to achieve every kind of musical expression, from intense to pop to beauty. This project represents the diverse and innovative approach to music-making that R.O.N. brings to the table.

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