My Hero Academia is having a collaboration cafe at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro 3 in Ikebukuro! This special cafe is open only during 6/1 – 7/18 under the theme of “Plus Ultra!!”

Today we will show you what My Hero Academia cafe’s world is like.


Welcome Board

Inside of the cafe

There are real size pop up stands of characters including Deku, All Might, Katsuki Bakugou and so on, characters’ wall scrolls, girl’s school uniform at U.A .High, and other mini illustrations that were drawn specifically for this collab cafe inside. Since there are so many things to look at, you won’t be bored even when you’re waiting for your food!





For those who ordered “BOM! Gratin”, the dish comes with a special spicy sauce as ”a letter of challenge from Bakugou.” This sauce is extremely spicy as if it represents Bakugou’s skills, Quirk Explosion! You have to take your own risk whether you accept his challenge or not.


Nazomate “A Battle at U.A. High’s Cafeteria”

A main event at this cafe is Nazomate “A Battle at U.A. High’s Cafeteria”! Join this event and save U.A. High by solving mystery, finding a bomb set somewhere at the cafeteria and defeating villains!

To participate in this event, order a worksheet that comes with a special clear file when you order your food and drinks! In this mission, solving all the mysteries would be the first step to start. The writer joined this event, however she said those mystery problems are really hard and it took a while for her to get to the answers. If you couldn’t really solve problems, ask your waiter! They won’t tell you the answers but they might give you a hint!

What’s really interesting about this event is that the more you think about, the more suspicious everything seems! When you think “maybe that button on the ceiling is suspicious….” then it was a fire alarm, or on the other hand when you think “all these books on the shelf look suspicious” but it’s just an original My Hero Academia manga books…. Reaching the answer after your hard reasoning is such a great feeling!! This mission tests your perceptiveness, stamina, knowledge, endurance and everything!

The more you solve mysteries, the more clear a key item ●● that would help to defeat villains. Once you obtain that, now you have to challenge with courage! Can you defeat Villains and protect U.A. High’s peace? You will get a special All Might’s voice when you clear the mission too! We definitely recommend you to  challenge this event!


Game Space

At game space, you can play the arcade game, “My Hero Academia Duel! Hero’s Battle”. To celebrate this collab cafe, if you play this game, you will receive an exclusive Hero’s Battle game card which has an Animate logo!




At My Hero Academia collaboration cafe at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro, you can eat, laugh and experience! Don’t miss this chance to become a hero like Deku!



Source: Animate Times!



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