As a cosplayer, Fanime has been my favorite con since I participated for the first time. This year I cosplayed 3 different Nozomi Tojo (Love Live), Hotaru Shidare (Dagashi Kashi) and Ami Kawashima (Toradora).

Day 1

I was a part of super adorable Love Live! cat lingerie group only for the private shoot in the morning. We had a full group and everyone looked really gorgeous! I added stamps just in case (lol!) but if you’re interested in the actual photo, feel free to follow my Instagram! <3



(L -> R: Risa, June, Kim, Kazumi, Alison, Niicakes, Reina Rose, Larissa and MangaFreak150)


After our private shoot, I headed back to the convention center as Nozomi from “Mogyutto “love” de Sekkin Chu!” and organized a little Love Live group with my friends.


(Back L -> R: Risa and Niicakes, Front L -> R: Gogo of IchiGoGo! Twins, Reina Rose, Eri and Moni of Shiawase Cosplay)

Can you believe that this beautiful Maki is cosplayed by a male?! Gogo’s makeup skill is amazing and he pulls off such a pretty female character.



Day 2

One of my dream Love Live cosplay, Love Live White Day ver. came true!!! I organized this full group cosplay and I’m super glad that everyone could make it without any big issues and we could cosplay this together. Since we had wings and it was a bit hard to walk around, we just did the photoshoot for this group as well. Everyone looked FANTASTIC as characters and I was really happy how our group turned out. Now we are waiting for our photos back from our photographers but I cannot wait!


(Top -> Bottom: Risa, Niicakes, Felicia Dark, Reina Rose, Zekia, MangaFreak150, Kim of Strawberry Censor Cosplay, Lauren of Sweatshop 202, and Kazumi)



This costume is really beautiful that I didn’t wanna take off, but it was uncomfortable to walk around with due to my mermaid skirts and wings. I would say that this costume is more suitable for photoshoot.


After Love Live, I changed to Hotaru Shidare from Dagashi Kashi. Dagashi Kashi was an anime from last season and it was about Japanese old school snacks. Although I didn’t have cosplay buddies for this, I still wanted to cosplay Hotaru so I did it by myself. Compared to Love Live White Day cosplay, it was so comfortable and I enjoyed walking around the convention center for the first time and seeing my friends.




Day 3 & 4

Finally I could cosplay my girl, Ami Kawashima from Toradora!. Toradora! was aired on TV back in 2008-2009 so it is a little bit old but Toradora! has been one of my all time favorite anime since I watched it for the first time back in 2008 and I don’t  know how many times I watched this anime. This time I had a chance to cosplay Toradora! with other girls characters on Day 3 and Day 4!


On Day 3, I enjoyed walking around the convention center and having a little photoshoot with my Minori and on Day 4, we had our main tiger, Taiga and did a photoshoot at con. Our height difference was so perfect that I was extremely happy that this cosplay finally happened! Ami was my favorite girl from Toradora! so it was fun cosplaying my dream girl and acting like her for the photoshoot and bunch of silly videos!


(L -> R: Risa, Tenori Taiga and Harumi)




It’s always fun to cosplay but it’s even more fun to cosplay with friends!! Unfortunately I couldn’t walk around the convention center to check out dealer’s hall or artist alley much this year but I still had fun cosplaying my favorite anime characters with my friends or even by myself and I’m really glad that I could join Fanime again. I already cannot wait for Fanime 2017!



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