A popular smart phone app game, “Fate/Grand Order” will be having a collaboration cafe through December 8th until January 21st, 2018 at Sega Collab Cafe Akihabara. Their original menu, novelty goods, and exclusive merchandises are revealed along with this amazing announcement!

At this “Sega Collab Cafe Fate/ Grand Order”, you can enjoy their special food, drinks and desserts inspired by this app game. You will receive a big coaster per food dish, drink coaster per drink and parfait coaster per dessert as well.


Musashi Miyamoto’s Udon

Archer of Shinjuku’s burger

Saber’s Green Tea


Drink Coaster

Food Coaster

At the shop, you can get a clear bromide for over 2,000 yen purchase.

This menu is available at this cafe on Dece,ber 8th ~ 27th. Starting on 28th, they will welcome you with a new menu!


Source: Anime! Anime!



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