In our next interview, we has a chance to interview with amazing TRUE. She debuted in 2000 under her name, Miho Karasawa, until 2014 where she began performing her stage name TRUE. A veteran in the Japanese music scene, she has both written and performed music for herself and written songs for many other Japanese artists. Just recently she performed this past weekend at the Kyoto Animation Music Festival. Some of her anime credits include Sound Euphonium, Violet Evergarden, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Read on to found out more about her incredible career!

What’s the meaning behind picking TRUE as your stage name

During my long career, I have taken various detours to reach the present. The word “detour” may have a negative image, but I believe it was a necessary detour for me. In the midst of all these detours in my music career, I met the producer of my current label and he told me, “This is the place where you can express yourself as who you truly are”. That’s when I was given the name TRUE.

What inspires you as a singer?

Various things, works, and people I encounter every day. I am a very straightforward person. I think I am someone who is highly absorbent and easily influenced in a good way.

Do you have a favorite song when performing at Concerts and Lives?

The song I try to sing every time I sing overseas is “Sincerely”. This song has been loved by people all over the world, and I continue to sing it carefully and with gratitude. I have the impression that Japanese fans listen to the song quietly while overseas fans sing along and enjoy the music more passionately.

Could you tell us some of your favorite anime?

“Eden of the East”, “Ghost in the Shell”, and “The Vision of Escaflowne”, although they are all a bit old. I would also recommend every work in which I have had the opportunity to participate in.

You’ve done songs for Sound! Euphonium, do you have a favorite instrument?

I do not play an instrument myself, but I like the sound of the piano. I think that many of my songs employ the sound of piano to its fullest.

You released your last album in 2021 during a time of world lockdown. What was it like to be able to perform in person for a long time until recently?

During the vortex of the lockdown, I was just working on music production. It was a relief to be able to properly deliver them to the world. I was so grateful that so many people came to hear me sing, and the applause from the audience brought me to tears.

Is there somewhere in the world you would like to perform but have not yet?

USA! Before the pandemic, I used to perform over there every year, but I haven’t had the opportunity in the last few years. I want to go back to sing in different places in the US!

Anything else you’d like to share with your fans in America?

Thank you for your continuing love for Japanese animation! Next year will be the 10th anniversary of TRUE’s debut, and I will be more active than ever, so I hope you stay tuned to my music activities!











「響け! ユーフォニアム」の主題歌を担当されていましたが、好きな楽器はありますか?


世界中がロックダウンの渦中であった 2021 年に最新アルバムをリリースされていますね。やっとアルバム の曲をファンの皆さんの前で歌えた時はどんな気持ちだったでしょうか?






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