On December 1st, a singer and voice actor Megumi Nakajima announced her return after a 3 years of hiatus.

Megumi announced about her hiatus in December of 2013 and she didn’t make any public appearance after her concert at Nippon Seinenkan in March of 2014.

Now she’s officially back! As her comeback work, she will sing an ending song, “Watashi No Sekai” for an upcoming TV anime series, “Fuka” which will premiere in January next year. “Watashi No Sekai” will be on sale on February 15th. She also announced that she will have her comeback event “Tadaima (I’m Home)” for free at Odaiba VenusFort where she performed her debut live as Ranka Lee from “Macross Frontier” in 2008.


Source: Animate Times


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