Fans of GoHands‘s distinct visual style witnessed the global premiere screening of their new original anime, MOMENTARY LILY, Thursday evening at the world-famous Anime Expo.

The original anime’s bold take on the “cute girls doing cute things” genre resonated with the panel’s enthusiastic attendees, kicking off with the main cast facing off against bizarre, alien creatures known as Wild Hunts between peaceful moments in their daily lives. To battle these UFO-headed giant creatures, each uses a signature weapon evocative of the signature weapons used by magical girls. This world premiere episode also showcased the timid Renge meeting Yuri and the rest of the main cast, and the first meal they prepare together using pre-packaged food.

After the panel, attendees listened in to GoHand’s perspectives on the anime’s production, including their desire to create a series that focused on a cast of women, what they believe makes this project stand out, and how OP artists HANABIE came to add their musical talents to this production.

Concluding the panel, fans were treated to a unique, creditless version of the anime’s OP, “Tasty Survivor” by Hanabie with one lucky attendee receiving an original illustration signed by director Katsumasa Yokomine and the panelists taking a group photo with the audience.

Directed by Katsumasa Yokomine and produced by Toshio IizukaMOMENTARY LILY is the latest original anime from GoHands, the animation studio behind The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses and The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today. Set for a January 2025 release, this will be the latest work rendered in GoHands distinct blend of CGI and 2D visuals.



  • Director Katsumasa Yokomine

“This is my first time stepping into the states, not just Anime Expo, so I’m really excited to be here. Thank you for having me!”

“We hope that MOMENTARY LILY follows through on our creative vision”

“I’m not a big music guy, but even I can recognize that this opening is something special. It was an honor working with HANABIE.”

“We really wanted to focus on the girls’ relationships. They wouldn’t be a team if even one of them decided to leave.”

“Thank you all for being here, I hope everyone can enjoy the action, these characters, and the food once MOMENTARY LILY is streaming.”


  • Producer Toshio Iizuka

“It’s be a pleasure to see you all here, at the world premiere of MOMENTARY LILY. I hope you all remember it fondly.”

“We wanted to focus on the action and eating in equal measure!”

“This unique tone, setting, and camera work are what helped this project gain traction behind the scenes.”

“Early on, we were in talks with Sony Music for this project. With this project focusing on women and an international audience, HANABIE, who is already popular internationally, seemed like the perfect fit.”

“Please share your thoughts and opinions on the series on social media now that you’ve seen the world premiere!”



MOMENTARY LILY follows the daily lives of High School girls surviving in a world ravaged by otherworldly invaders. Cooking together, battling mechanical monstrosities with their iconic weapons, and uncovering the secrets of their mysterious past and world, all of these moments and more will appear in GoHand’s unmatched visual style!

Yuri Kawazu, Erika Kodaiji, Hinageshi Usuzumi, Renge Kasumi, Sazanka Yoshino, and Ayame Sakuya know only each other and a world that’s been torn apart by mysterious mechanical creatures. That’s not going to stop them from making the most of their lives together, though! Equal parts slice-of-life and slick action, Momentary Lily will entice and entertain with its entirely distinct story and visuals.


Production and Staff Information

・Original idea: GoHands
・Original story: GoHands × Shochiku
・General Director/Character Design: Shingo Suzuki
・Concept Designer : Takahiro Kishida
・Director: Susumu Kudo, Katsumasa Yokomine
・Music Production: FABTONE
・Music: Ryosuke Kojima
・Music Producer: Tomoyuki Jufuku

・Opening theme: “Tasty Survivor” HANABIE.
・Lyrics: Yukina / Matsuri
・Composed by Matsuri / Yukina
・Arranged by Matsuri / Yuyoyuppe
・(Sony Music Labels)
・Animation Production: GoHands
・Production: MOMENTARY LILY Production Committee


  • Natsuko Abe as Yuri Kawazu
  • Tsugumi Sakuragi as Erika Kodaiji
  • Shion Wakayama as Hinageshi Usuzumi
  • Manatsu Murakami as Renge Kasumi
  • Misaki Kuno as Sazanka Yoshino
  • Miyuri Shimabukuro as Ayame Sakuya

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