The japanese pop-band KESHIKI will perform at the anime convention Sacanime in California, Sacramento, on September 3rd-5th. Other musicians to perform during the convention are Mari Iijima, akai SKY and Phoenix Ash.


Something a great deal more gloomy is the news that Zill passed away. Zill was bassist in the visual band Moran. The circumstances concerning his death are still unknown, although one of his bandmates mentioned his health had been getting worse.


Also, the drummer of the band 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Aki, has decided to leave the band. The rest of the members are discussing what their next activities will be.

The Gazette.

There are a few tours coming up to; the pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto will bw touring in North America and Canda during October and November. Yoshida Brothers will be touring the US from July 30th to August 14th, in places like Cambridge, San Francisco and New York. Also, The Gazette, are to play in the Tokyo Dome for the first time on their finale of their ongoing tour NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS in December.


Gackt has finished his first european tour with great success, and have promised to come back and to learn spanish.
Also, you can check out D’espairs Rey‘s activities after their tour here.
And lastly, there are a replay of the SuG TV tomorrow, at MJP at 10 pm, don’t miss it!

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