Carrying our handheld Nintendo Game Boys will always bring strong memories imprinted from our childhood. Through car rides and road trips, onto the playground at school, and even to a friend or family member’s house, this popular handheld console changed gaming from sitting at home to on-the-go adventures. The Nintendo Flex is a beautiful concept design by YJ Yoon with its new all metal design modernizing our retro gaming nostalgia. 



Nintendo never fails to impress us when it comes to reliving our childhood so hopefully this concept gets picked up! The Nintendo Flex is desperately waiting to join the Game Boy family.

The concept design portrays the Nintendo Flex with minimalistic features displaying metal buttons with a flat front surface. Being called the Nintendo Flex, its curved construction will fit comfortably in our hands. Interaction with the screen would introduce 3D touch, making the screen pressure sensitive and allows the use of a stylus. Impressively, this stylus is designed to plug into the USB-C port. The Nintendo Flex shows a USB-C port for charging along which would be nice to speculate if wireless charging abilities would be placed, a sleek upgraded feature for this classic Game Boy revamp.

Originally, speakers were placed at the bottom of the Game Boy, but this design features new bass amplified speakers located at the top to bring immersive gameplay. There is a headphone jack as well if players prefer to use their own earphones or personal external speakers. One thing that is fairly noticeable is the absence of a cartridge slot. This can promote the ease of downloading games from the Nintendo eShop linked to your personal Nintendo account without the need to carry multiple cartridges when traveling.



Although just a concept, Nintendo Flex’s renovation of the remodeled Game Boy would be exciting to see. It’s about time we relive our Game Boy days in this new decade!



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