In collaboration with Shueisha Inc. and Toei Animation Co., Ltd., Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. held “ONE PIECE DAY ’23,” a two-day event that brought together all aspects of “ONE PIECE including: manga, anime, movies, music, games, and merchandise for “ONE PIECE” fans from across the world, attracting attendees to the in-person festivities at Tokyo Big Sight. Over two million fans joined the livestream with simultaneous English
interpretation and were enthralled by the latest developments unfolding on the main stage in real time.

The archived livestreams of the main stage for Friday, July 21 “DAY 1” and Saturday, July 22 “DAY 2” can be viewed at the following URLs until Friday, October 20 (JST):

Day 1 English

Day 2 English

*The livestream availabilities, contents, and URL links are subject to change without prior notice.
*The movie screening from DAY 1 will not be shown on the livestream.
*The livestreams with English subtitles will be uploaded to YouTube at the end of August. Full-length
anime shows that were streamed will not be included.

On Friday, July 21, “DAY 1 (Evening),” “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” the blockbuster movie that was released in Japan on Aug. 6, 2022 and has since grossed over 31.9 billion yen worldwide, returned to the screen in the form of “Let’s go! ONE PIECE FILM RED Special Cheer Screening.” Cast members Kaori Nazuka (Uta), Seiya, and Soshina from Shimofuri Myojo (Jellyfish Pirates) took the stage as special guests to demonstrate to the audience how to best enjoy the cheer session with Chopper’s help. The audience was excited from Nazuka’s opening line: “My music will set you free, then we’ll all live happily together in peace!” Nazuka was thrilled to reunite with Shimofuri Myojo for the first time since filming. The screening was a great success among the enthusiastic fans
gathered at the venue.

DAY 2 welcomed the cast of ONE PIECE animation – Mayumi Tanaka (Monkey D. Luffy), Kazuya Nakai (Roronoa Zoro), Akemi Okamura (Nami), Kappei Yamaguchi (Usopp), and Hiroaki Hirata (Sanji) – and began with a surprise announcement of the world premiere trailer for the Netflix live action series “ONE PIECE.” When the cast, all of whom dubbed the live-action version, were asked how they thought about the series, Tanaka said “It’s really interesting! It’s very fun! I think you’ll be surprised!”

At the end of the session, Tanaka read a message directly from the creator of ONE PIECE, Eiichiro Oda:
“There are no compromises on this show!” “All the efforts by the actors, the building of the world and the costumes, presenting things in a way that can only be done in live-action, the dialogue, and the entire process of so many people putting their heads together was a festivity in and of itself.”

The series will be released worldwide beginning Thursday, Aug. 31 exclusively on Netflix.


The “Behind the Scenes of Land of Wano” corner delved deeply into the production of the anime’s Land of Wano Arc, which is now approaching its climax, with comments from the production team about the hidden stories from the show’s creation. When the discussion came to the long-awaited GEAR5 debut scene, a portion of the GEAR5 episode was screened in advance, to ONE PIECE DAY attendees and streaming audience members. In addition, a series of surprising announcements were made, including never-before released information on games and goods.

Advance screening of GEAR5’s appearance

In the last major segment of the ONE PIECE DAY main stage program, Maki Otsuki made a grand entrance, as was fitting to close out the day. She performed “memories,” the original ending theme of the anime followed by “RUN!RUN!RUN!.” Otsuki announced that the ending theme song would be revived 17 years after being removed in 2006, when the program moved to the morning time slot. A video message was played from Chilli Beans., the three-member female band that performs the song. The audience was delighted by the song and a part of ending animation with the comment “I used to watch ONE PIECE from when I was a little girl so having this opportunity to sing the ending music is such a delight.” from Moto, the band’s vocalist. The memorable return date will be Aug. 6,
when GEAR5 will appear on the air.

The audience’s excitement was further heightened when it was announced that SEKAI NO OWARI would be performing the main theme song.

The final song of ONE PIECE DAY’ 23 was “We Are! for the new world.” The two-day event came to a close with Otsuki leading the song with a shout of “We are!,” with the attendees and other guests singing along enthusiastically.

Overview of the new ending theme song
Artist: Chilli Beans.
Song Title: Raise
Broadcast start date: Sunday, Aug. 6

Overview of the new main theme song
Title: TBD
Broadcast start date: TBD

An event that brings together all the beloved contents of “ONE PIECE,” including manga, anime, movies, music, games and merchandise, for “ONE PIECE” fans from all over the world. “ONE PIECE DAY,” an event held in 2022 to coincide with “ONE PIECE DAY,” which falls on July 22, will this year be held at and livestreamed from Tokyo Big Sight on Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22 JST.

Full Message from Eiichiro Oda for ONE PIECE live-action series:
The teaser and the trailer for the live-action ONE PIECE are both out now, and the launch date for the show itself is set for August 31. I’ll say this, there are no compromises on this show! And the festivities have already begun! It’s already fun seeing the flurry of reactions after each release of information. And the very fact that adapting ONE PIECE into live-action was conceived 7 years ago is wild! How will this world be brought to life!? There was so much that went into it!all the efforts by the actors, the building of the world and the costumes, presenting things in a way that can only be done in live-action, the dialogue, and the entire process of so many people putting their heads together was a festivity in and of itself. After the launch I’m sure I’ll hear about some people pointing out how this character is missing or that scene is omitted, or this bit is different from the manga. But I’m sure they’ll come from a place of love, so I intend to enjoy even those comments! lol

The story will span 8 episodes and take us up through you-know-where!! Even after the shoot was over, there were numerous scenes the production agreed to re-shoot because I felt they weren’t good enough to put out into the world. On the other hand, there were also some lines that I thought didn’t feel like Luffy on paper, but when I saw the filmed scenes, I went, “it works when it’s Inaki performing it as Luffy! As a matter of fact, it works great!!” (Inaki is the actor who plays Luffy) There was so much works that had to be done to keep things from looking too
unnatural in live-action.

The producers and the crew are pros at live-action and frankly, they’re ONE PIECE superfans, too. The more knowledgeable you are about ONE PIECE, the more you’re likely to notice the love they poured into this. It was June when we made the final decision to go ahead and launch this show. MY editor who’d worked so hard on this actually cried as he said, “It was such a long journey”””” lol. Not that working hard on something guarantees success, of course. By now I just love this production team and the cast so much. I can’t wait for them to get the acclaim they deserve from everyone around the world. And if by chance people have some gripes, I’ll be there to receive them together! No, whatever feelings you choose to harbor in the meantime, it’s still going to be one month so please have some tea as you wait!

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