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With the stay-at-home orders continuing to be issued in Japan, many are looking for positive sides of quarantine. To encourage staying home, many internet challenges have taken a rise on Japanese Twitter.

#うたつなぎ (Utatsunagi), literally translating to song connecting, is an internet challenge where musicians tag one another to share a video of themselves singing their own song at their home. Started by vocalist ISAKO of LOCAL CONNECT, the challenge has spread to many parts of the Japanese entertainment industry, including seiyuu and anisong singers.

It was said that the challenge had spread through the anisong community when popular anisong singer-songwriter, Masayoshi Oishi, was tagged by a friend of his. Oishi then had tagged voice actor, Shugo Nakamura, entering the seiyuu world. Many seiyuu singers had participated in the trend such as Yuki Ono, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Soma Saito, and Subaru Kimura, with each of them presenting a song, some of which were unreleased.

Though the people of the entertainment industry were directly impacted by loss of work due to COVID-19, many passionate artists are still working hard to keep music and entertainment alive.



Source: https://awareliving.net/2020/04/10/uta-tsunagi-seiyu-line/



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