Last week, my girlfriend and I ventured down Ventura Blvd. all the way to Tarzana for sushi…you know that feeeling when NOTHING will satisfy your hunger more than some delicious sushi? Yeah, we had that grumbling in our stomachs.

We settled on Sushi Iki, which was tucked inside a small strip mall next to an expensive-looking steak restaurant.

Sushi Iki had a lovely interior and friendly employees who greeted us with enthusiasm when we entered the building. For my standards, the prices were a bit higher than I am used to (averaging around $12-$13 for a cut roll), but that was made up for by the quality of the sushi being prepared.

We ordered the spicy tuna and yellowtail rolls, and they were incredible. I’ve never had sushi that tasted so fresh and well-prepared as that night. We usually frequent much less expensive, less fancy sushi joints up and down Ventura Blvd., but Sushi Iki really made up for the higher prices with the tastiness of the food.

the interior of Sushi Iki

The sushi was so fresh it felt like it was made of velvet or some other such soft substance that dissolves in your mouth. We didn’t really order much else considering the price ranges were a bit high and we’re not made of money, but what we had was really impressive.

I’d recommend Sushi Iki to anyone wanting some upscale, fresh, impeccably-prepared sushi, but be warned that you will be spending a bit of money if you want to try a lot of what they have to offer.

Here’s the place’s website so you can see what else they have to offer.

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