The KKS Guide to a Hikikomori Halloween Pt.1 (Anime)

So you don’t have anything planned for this year’s Halloween. Feeling a bit lonely and not sure what to do or you just hate everyone and want to spend some time alone? Well here is the KKS Guide to a Hikikomori Halloween, a three-part guide to fill up your Halloween of the rest of October away from the rest of the world.

Today, we’ll be discussing anime. Instead of being lazy and JUST recommending scary anime to watch, I’ll recommend a variety of anime that are Halloween-themed but not necessarily scary. I understand everyone watches different anime and some of you may not want to possibly stain your pants from fear.



With the protagonists standing into front of foreboding scenery, it HAS to be scary!

I can’t reveal too much plot for this particular anime because it might ruin your enjoyment (?) of it but it’s the perfect spooky anime to watch during this particular month.  It’s a supernatural anime where the protagonists and their friends are at the mercy of invisible forces. Another is suspenseful and is short enough to be enjoyed quickly so it’s the perfect anime to POSSIBLY watch with a few friends (you won’t be a true hikikomori but it might be more enjoyable watch it with a few friends who don’t mind a short anime marathon).



Lovely, isn’t she?

Have you always had a zombie-girl fetish and always felt unfulfilled when watching romance anime between two completely normal human beings? Then Sankarea is the anime for you. Our protagonist, Chihiro Furuya manages to get himself mixed up with an undead girl, the titular Rea Sanka, and has to keep her existence a secret, sorta. It is “light-hearted” enough to casually watch if you don’t mind a “little” gore (what are you talking about; I’m not using too many air quotes to describe this anime). Some would even call it a comedy.


Nyanpire the Animation

Lovely, isn’t he?

So you’re not into comedy or horror but still want to get into the Halloween spirit by watching some anime. How about an anime about a cute black cat saved by a vampire that is then turned into a vampire? That is honestly all the anime is about. It’s super cute and is EXTREMELY short (2 minutes and thirty seconds per episode if you don’t count the intro and outro).

It’s a short list but hopefully I’ve covered all the bases in regards to “spooky” anime to watch. I know there are a slew of anime I could add on the list but I don’t want you to spend all of your Halloween or October watching anime; there are two more parts to the guide! If you have any suggestions to anime I should add, please leave a comment.

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