An English language edition of Touken Ranbu Online will become available for the first time ever on February 23rd!

Johren, the PC Gaming Platform that hosts the popular game, is opening up a month-long pre-registration period that began on January 25th. Players can pre-register on the official Johren site until the game’s February 23rd release.

Pre-register here:

Any player who pre-registers will receive a number of valuable in-game bonuses: 200,000 units of Coolant, Whetstone, Charcoal, and Steel, 100,000 units of Koban, 30 Request Tokens, 30 Help Tokens, an Omamori, a Brown Horse, and a Black Horse.

Touken Ranbu Online is an online, free to play, turn-based, sword raising simulation game that centers around a sage who must battle an evil entity trying to alter history with the help of anthropomorphized swords that transform into heroic, sword-wielding men.

It has been dubbed a “Joseimuke” (geared toward women) game after it created a sensation in Japan due to its rabid fanbase of women who were drawn to the game’s protagonist, fascinated by the Japanese history, and enticed by the beautiful male supporting cast. It now promises to make waves in the English-speaking gaming community.

The original Japanese version was released in 2015 and built an impressive fanbase of 1.5 million within a year. With this latest version, Johren is seeking to build on its already expansive number of users.


About Johren
Founded in July 2020, Johren is devoted to introducing high-quality interactive entertainment in English and Traditional Chinese to the world. Currently, Johren boasts an impressive catalogue of English- localized versions of Magicami, Kamihime Project, Versus Tales, Meteor World Actor and over 100 premium Japanese games. New titles are added to the platform every month. For more information about Johren, please visit us at


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