Tactical sound unit Walküre, featured in the Macross Delta anime series, will premiere the remastered version of their legendary 2016 concert “Walküre Attack!” Tour Finale to international fans on August 28.

The never-before-seen complete version of the concert, which has not been included in any previous package, was recorded live at Zepp DiverCity (Tokyo) on September 10, 2016.

The emotional, high-energy event – which marked an important milestone for the group and their fans – will be streamed in its entirety one time only to 18 territories, including Japan.

The full-length concert will last approximately two-and-a-half hours and will be the only chance for fans to watch the complete presentation before the shortened “digest” version is released in September as part of the Macross Delta “Walküre Edition” Blu-ray Box Set on September 28.

Walküre members are:
Mikumo Δ JUNNA, Freyja Δ Minori Suzuki, Kaname Δ Kiyono Yasuno, Reina Δ Nao Toyama, Makina Δ Nozomi Nishida

Walküre debuted in the anime series Macross Delta, the latest in the Macross robot anime series that celebrates its 40th anniversary next year.

In June 2020, their fourth single, “Mirai wa Onna no Tame ni Aru” became the first single for Walküre and for the Macross series to reach No. 1 in the Weekly Oricon Singles Chart.

Walküre’s first new album in five years, Walküre Reborn!, is scheduled for release on October 13.

“Walküre wa Akiramenai” music video teaser



Walküre Official Website: https://macross.jp/delta/walkure/

MacrossΔ #Air Walküre Premium 1st LIVE 2016 〜Walküre Attack!〜
Organizer: BIGWEST
Streaming: Live Viewing Japan
Premiere: August 28, 2021 – 19:30 (Viewing open) / 20:00 (Start) (JST)
Price: 1800 JPY
*service fee will be applied outside Japan
Ticket site for overseas fans: https://ib.eplus.jp/walkure1st-streaming
Tickets on sale: August 19, 2021 (23:00) – August 28, 2021 (23:59) (JST)
Archive viewing available: August 28 (24:00) – August 30 (23:59) (JST)
Streaming territories: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan,
Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA

About Live Viewing Japan
Live Viewing Japan is a Japanese-based media distribution company focused on bringing a variety of entertainment properties to a global theatre-going audience. More information on the company and its projects is available at: https://liveviewing.co.jp/en/



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