June 30 is Usagi Tsukino, the main character of Sailor Moon‘s birthday! On this beautiful day, the official Sailor Moon wedding dress collection was revealed! Now you can get married in the Sailor Moon wedding dress!

This is a collaboration between Sailor Moon and Mariarosa,Japan’s bridal dressmaker and rental shop, and the whole collection was completed under the supervision of Naoko Takeuchi, the original manga artist of Sailor Moon.

This collection includes six dresses and two tuxedos to make you transform into your favorite characters from the series. It will be available to be rented at hotels, chapels and dress shops nationwide starting August.


Princess Serenity Dress

This is an empire dress that uses a high-quality satin organ in a beautiful princess-like bijou motif accompanied by a tiara and earrings.


Usagi & Mamoru’s Wedding Dress/Tuxedo

This is the wedding dress worn by Usagi during her wedding scene in the manga. It is a long train dress with a rose motif and soft tulle on the A-line of silk material. You can also rent a necklace, earrings, veil, gloves, and hat.

They recreated the tuxedo worn by Mamoru in the same scene as well. The tuxedo is a collarless jacket with luxurious gold embroidery.


Sailor Moon Dress

This is a big silhouette dress with the glitter of the planetary symbols to represent Sailor Guardians.

If you want the iconic Sailor Moon look, you can add the overskirt, collar, and ribbon to put on over the dress (sold separately). Hair accessories and earrings are available as well.


Tuxedo Kamen

It is made of black glossy material and treated with gold cord piping to switch the silk. A tailcoat with an orthodox design combines with luxurious authentic details. As an option, you can rent a cape for a solemn look (sold separately). A hat is also available as an accessory.


Five Sailor Guardians and Sailor Chibi Moon Dress

The dress was inspired by five Sailor Guardians and Sailor Chibi Moon with gradation. It is a big silhouette color dress with the glitter of the planetary symbols. They also offer hats (hair accessories), necklaces and earrings.


Four Outer Sailor Guardians Dress

The color of four Outer Sailor Guardians is expressed with a gradation from the hem. It is a color dress that features lace and a mature silhouette. Hat (hair accessories) and earrings are also available.


Luna (Princess Kaguya’s Lover Ver.) Dress

It’s a dress that combines black and purple lame tulle with a calm yellow dimensional overskirt, accompanied by a necklace and earrings.


Sailor Moon Official Site: http://sailormoon-official.com/

Mariarosa Official Site: http://www.mariarosa.co.jp/


Source: Sailor Moon Official Site

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