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Check out this article from the Daily Mail discussing “Geminoid F”, a robot actress.

As the article tells it, Long plays a girl suffering from a fatal illness whose parents hire an android carer and then abandon her. The android, made to resemble a part-Russian, part-Japanese woman with long hair parted in the middle, recites poetry to her.
Seated on a chair throughout the performance, the human-sized Geminoid F carried out conversations and monologues, dressed in a dark, scoop-necked shirt and dark trousers.
Her eyes blinked and her chest rose and fell as if she was breathing even as she spoke, smiled and looked surprised, though her faced lacked the depth of expression of a real person.

Here’s a video so you can see and hear about Geminoid F:

I fully expect, with the way they’re making crazy new robot versions of everything now, to one day turn on the news and see two cyborgs sitting at the news desk talking about the stories of the day. Who needs real people, when fully-functional robots can do it?


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