International hybrid alternative rock unit, ARKTA, has released the new single “The Lily,” available on all digital platforms. The track is from their upcoming first EP, set to release in February. The song was crafted with a lyrical concept, expressing emotions through both sound and words.

Kenken shares, “Hope and despair, justice and evil, and love and hatred. Everything is precious because it is all back-to-back, transient, and ever-changing. Only by overcoming the conflicts of the mind that waver in the midst of these struggles, can one be true to one’s convictions and wish for the happiness of the people one loves. Such thoughts were put into this song.”

Tak adds, “How does one confront human aspects and emotions and continue to move forward despite the struggles? Not on whether it was right or wrong, we wrote the song based on ARKTA’s interpretation of Riddhe as an individual person.

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ARKTA is an international hybrid rock unit consisting of Tak (vocals), hailing from Los Angeles, California, and kenken (vocals/producer), originally from Tokyo. Tak is also recognized as the ring announcer for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and serves as the screamer for the North American band Quietude. kenken, on the other hand, was previously a member of the metalcore band DELHEZI and played support guitar for the loud band Another Story.​

Combining nu-metal and emo seamlessly, the band weaves emotional melody lines and Tak’s intense screams to narrate the “ups and downs of life.” Through their music, they focus on the protagonists’ perspectives on life and death, as well as moments that evoke a sense of living in the present. Tak explains, “While expressing ourselves through music, we want listeners to feel as if they are experiencing a ‘story’ akin to movies or novels.” Kenken adds, “It is based on the emotions and words expressed within the music.”​

Immediately after their formation in May 2020, ARKTA provided two songs, “Keep me alive” and “Damaging you,” as the ending theme songs for the computer game “Slow Damage” by the game brand Nitro+chiral. This game was released worldwide in 2021. In celebration of the game and music release, ARKTA made their debut live performance in front of a full-capacity audience of 1,000 people at the “CHiRAL LIVE 2022 × Slow Damage” event held at Kanda Square Hall in Tokyo, organized by Nitroplus. The live performance was simultaneously streamed worldwide and received high praise.​

On March 11, 2023, ARKTA released their first single, “The Last Day,” on all streaming platforms. In July of the same year, they had their first performance in the United States at Rising Japan Fest 2023, held in Los Angeles. With a full DIY approach and keeping their plans in mind, ARKTA, who shuttles between Los Angeles and Tokyo via the internet, is currently in the process of creating new songs for their first EP, scheduled for release in February 2024. All of the production is carried out remotely, and handled recording, mixing, and mastering entirely on their own.

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