Snow Man is spreading love this Valentine’s with their latest release, “We’ll Go Together.” The song, part of their double A-side 10th single, is now available for streaming worldwide exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music.

Snow Man「Weʼll go together」Music Video YouTube Ver.


This sweet and upbeat track takes the listener straight to the euphoria of spending time with the group. Accompanied by a first-person POV music video, each member takes fans on a personalized date experience!

“We’ll Go Together” also serves as the theme song for Nippon Television‘s upcoming spring season serial drama, “Sensei Sayonara” (Eng: Goodbye Teacher), starring Snow Man member Shota Watanabe.


The physical disc of “LOVE TRIGGER / We’ll Go Together” will be released on February 14th, 2024. You can find the CD at various stores where Japanese music is sold. The disc includes additional songs and exclusive behind-the-scenes video content spread across three separate discs.


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