Attack on Titan Halloween Food Art Tutorial

Halloween is around the corner and we thought we would show you how to make something to surprise your friends at a party or potluck. All the way from Tokyo, Tomokku will show you how to make Attack on Titan Halloween Food Art! This is the iconic image from the show where the Colossal Titan comes barging in through the wall. Doesn’t it resemble a lot like actual human flesh? I got the chills when I first saw this picture.

This tutorial is going to be a lot different from our usual cute-sy bento. For one, it isn’t easy level or intermediate level. I would classify this as advanced level but don’t let what I say discourage you from trying! Tomokku broke down each step and made the instructions very clear for you to follow along. All we ask is for you to have a little bit of patience and perseverance and the turn out will be worth it! I guarantee this with an Armin-like hearty salute!


– Wheat Bread
– Seaweed
– Green Olives
– Black Olives
– Quail Eggs
– Egg
– Sausage
– Thin Dried Chili Strings
– Mayonnaise
– Mashed Potato
– Prosciutto
– String Cheese
– Slice Cheese
– Imitation Crab Meat

Attack on Titan Halloween Food Art Tutorial Video

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It’s no surprise that the anime, Attack on Titan, has gotten a big mainstream following. Seriously, some of my friends who don’t watch much anime are watching this particular one! Needless to say when I showed them this image of our food art, they were blown away by it! Surely this will be a hit dish at your next party or potluck. Good luck & Happy Halloween!

11.01.2013 EDIT

Our Attack on Titan Food Art was featured on Know Your Meme‘s Frontpage on October 31st, 2013! Yay!


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  1. I absolutely adore this! I wish I would’ve found it sooner to make for my birthday but better late than never!

    Oh, but if I could just say one thing about it…

    I’d really appreciate it if you could put up some typed out instructions on how to put it all together. The video is helpful but I like to read it as well. Thanks for creating such an awesome spread though, it’s amazing!

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