I was browsing the San-X website today and was pleasantly surprised by how much Rilakkuma goods there are!  So here it goes…

You can ride the Rilakkuma bus. If you don’t like yellow…

There’s a blue one too!

And if you hate how slow buses are, then you can just buy the (miniature) buses!

…Or go for the eco-friendly method of transportation.

An instant camera that develops the photo within a Rilakkuma frame instead of the boring white ones.

…and Rilakkuma for the holiday season.

His OWN bed

A small drawer for his clothes from Rilakloset!

Sausages that have Rilakkuma printed on them!

Rilakkuma kamaboko! Kawaii~

Rilakkuma gum pouch, comes with gum

Fuzzy Rilakkuma

Anniversary special Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma necklace

Rilakkuma birthday cake! So much chocolate. NOM.

Rilakkuma shaped snacks!

And if you absolutely MUST have everything Rilakkuma themed… For the ladies…

Had enough Rilakkuma yet?

These are almost all the products that were released since just around September! Did this satisfy your Rilakkuma craving?

All photos from San-X blog.

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