Studio Ghibli’s popular theme song singer, Azumi Inoue and her daughter, Yuyu, are coming to J-POP SUMMIT!

KKS interviewed Azumi Inoue and Yuyu.

Here is Q&A for Azumi.

KKS: Can you tell us the chance that you began singing the songs of the works of Director, Hayao Miyazaki?

Azumi: I took the audition of “Kimi wo Nosete[Carrying You]” which was in Castle in the sky. Three years after I debuted as an Idol, I was not gain much popularity, and the contract with my record company / affiliated office was expired.
I was wondering what to do.

KKS: How was your first impression of Director, Hayao Miyazaki?

Azumi: I thought that he is a warm person like a principal of a rural school.

KKS: Please tell us the most challenging songs of Miyazaki’s work so far.

Azumi: I haven’t had that much difficulty because every song fitted to me perfectly.
If I had to choose, “Meguru Kisetsu-Changing Season” that is the insert song of “Kiki’s delivery Service” courier service” was originally played with the violin Pizzicato. I thought the song was difficult because the song could be sung in various ways.

KKS: You have over 30 years of career, please tell us the secrets to keep the beautiful singing voice for a long time.

Azumi: First of all, I keep washing-hands and gargle not to catch a cold. Also even in summer I take a bath, stretching and jump roping every day and 30 times sit-ups every morning. I am doing a lot.

KKS: You are playing live concert at many places around the world,
Where is the most impressive place?

Azumi: I experienced so many happy and awful happenings at my concerts. So, it is tough for me to choose the most impressive place. (lol)
But, it was around 20 years ago, I was performing shows the concert hall mostly, and I wasn’t performing at the free events. At that time I had a chance to play at a local shopping center. One mother carrying a baby on her back and holding a hand of the around age 4 to 5 years olds kid came to my autograph session. She told me that “I have been too busy for raising children to go to concerts. But I love your songs for a long time. I can’t believe that I could listen to your voice in my neighborhood. Thank you so much for coming! ” She Shook hands with me and crying. Then I thought that I have to sing at more different places. It was the very impressive experience.
About overseas concert, there were 3000 customers gathered at the Paris JAPAN EXPO in Paris, France that I have started full-scale international performances for the first time in the first place and I had ten shows throughout China in 2 weeks. They are unforgettable shows.

KKS: You are going to concerts and musicals many times a year. Who is your favorite artist?

Azumi: Hiromi Iwasaki, Masashi Sada and Yuko Ishikawa.

KKS: You were singing the theme song of Mr. Takashi Murakami’s animation “kaikai kiki”. Can you tell us which song?

Azumi: You researched very well (lol) The song title is the same as Kaikai Kiki. The song was used in the solo exhibition; I think that the song did not release.
I recorded the song on the one day after I have told that my daughter has leukemia.

KKS: What do you do when you are not working on music?

Azumi: Watching movies on Apple TV, reading cartoons, or sleeping (lol). Of course, my daughter is still in a junior high school, so I am doing the role as her mother too.

KKS: Now, Japanese animation, Anisong, voice actors are very popular all over the world, what do you think about it?
Azumi: I am grateful to the predecessors who have been creating the anime scene for a long time. Even when I was singing Castle in the sky and Totoro songs, it was still not a boom.

KKS: In 2003 you participated a rock band, Janne Da Arc’s album as a chorus. Would you like to sing different genre of the songs not only and songs and children’s songs?

Azumi: Of course, I would like to sing different genre of songs. I would like to sing idol POP songs in the 1980s.

KKS: We ( are introducing Japanese cute, cool, and amazing things to the world, please tell us what is the cute, cool and amazing things to you.

Azumi: I think that people who are expressing themselves freely what they like or what would suit to themselves are cute, cool, and amazing.

Here is  Q&A for Yuyu.

KKS: What are you looking forward to the most at the J-POP SUMMIT?

Yuyu: This is my first time to come to America, I could be wrong but American people seem to get excited cheerfully, so I look forward to doing my performance most because what kind of excitement of the audiences I can see!

KKS: You have been recording since three years old when you were singing in front of people, did not you get nervous?

Yuyu: I think that I was probably nervous, but I did not remember much about the first time, and I became the body-build that doesn’t get nervous when I noticed it.

KKS: Your “6 year old ballad” is a great song, did you feel like the lyrics when you were six years old?

Yuyu: The song was written after the songwriter interviewed me. He asked me “What is your favorite food?” or ” Do you have the favorite boy?” etc. So the lyrics are almost same as life-sized me.

KKS: You are playing the live concert with your mom Azumi, do you have anything that you think you are similar to your mom?

Yuyu: People are telling me when I smile I look like my mom a lot.

KKS: Do you fight with your mom?

Yuyu: Yes, every day (haha)

KKS: What kind of genre of the music do you want to do?
Do you have any artists that you are targeting?

Yuyu: I want to do a musical. I do not have any particular goals, but I would like to be a singer who can sing ” Magic Flute (Queen of Night Area) perfectly.

KKS: Please tell us your favorite anime?

Yuyu: Himouto! Umaru-chan, The Royal Totor, Black Butler, etc.
Although it is not an anime, I like the manga called “W Juliet” the best!

KKS: Who is your favorite artist?

Yuyu: Rina Sashihara

KKS: What is your favorite thing other than music?

Yuyu: Mobile novel (reading and writing together), reading manga

KKS: We ( are introducing Japanese cute, cool, and amazing things to the world,
Please tell us what is cute, cool, and amazing to you?

Yuyu: Kawaii (Cute) is a stuffed animal, Kakkoii (Cool) is a two dimensional, and the Sugoi ( Amazing) is the music technology and creativity of the classical music (Bach or Mozart, etc. ) that are timeless even now after hundreds of years passed.

Thank you very much! Good luck at the J-POP Summit!
Don’t miss Azumi and Youu at J-POP SUMMIT 2017.




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