XG, the girl group that released successes such as ‘SHOOTING STAR’ and ‘LEFT RIGHT’, has surprised fans with the release of a documentary series about the group’s path. ‘XTRA XTRA’, tells the story and the challenges faced by the seven members during their five-year training period. In the first episode, ‘#0’,  fans could already see JURIN’s, CHISA’s, HARVEY’s, HINATA’s, JURIA’s, MAYA’s, and COCONA’s hard work while preparing for their debut. Besides that, the episode showed JAKOPS’s (SIMON) – XG’s producer – ambition to create a new path for girl groups in the global music market, beyond the frontiers of East Asia. The goal is already being reached by each XG’s achievement.

Considered a rising star, XG showed on the documentary all the dedication that took the group to their prestigious position in the industry. On the material released last Tuesday (11th), fans can see all the stages of the members’ training, from the vocal lessons to music production and interviews with JAKOPS.

Fans, who received the release with positive supporting messages, are already excited for the next episodes. In the following releases, the public can expect a nostalgic portrait of XG’s hard path to success.

Like a meteor, XG attracts thousands of fans each day and keeps paving a new scenario for global girl groups. And, to follow that news, the group released their first remix album – “SHOOTING STAR REMIXX (PROD BY JAKOPS)” – on April 7.

The album includes the tracks “SHOOTING STAR (BARS REMIXX FEAT. RICO NASTY),” featuring the rapper Rico Nasty, and “SHOOTING STAR (CHILL REMIXX)”, a reinterpretation of the original song with trance beats.

XG Documentary Series ‘XTRA XTRA’ #0




XG Documentary Series Teaser


About XG
XG, an abbreviation for Xtraordinary Girls, is a seven-member girl group with influences from Hip hop and R&B. The group consists of JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA, and COCONA. 

On March 18, 2022, they became the first artists to debut under the XGALX label. XG aims to empower young people worldwide with innovative songs and performances regardless of their life paths.

For more updates about XG and the release of “SHOOTING STAR”, follow the group’s official SNS.


XGALX is a global entertainment company that aims to produce artists with a view of a bold creative culture. Through the XGALX Project, the company wishes to convey positive messages of self-assertion, focus, and perseverance.

Focus on your dreams, and don’t stop until you make them come true.




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