Sanrio has started a new project called Chanrio Maker, a service where you can design a Sanrio-styled avatar of yourself!

Over 1,500,000 users have created these avatars since the service’s release on July 10. So what exactly is Chanrio?

Chanrio is an original character of Puroland, designed for all who love Sanrio! (Puroland is a Sanrio theme park located in Tokyo.)

Ready to make your own Chanrio character? Try it out here!


You can make your own Chanrio character in three ways:

– Start from scratch. (Edit Mode)
– Upload a photo of yourself. (Photo Mode)
– Take a new picture of yourself. (Photo Mode)


In the following screen, choose your gender. If you’re using a photo, the site will ask you whether you are a girl or a boy.


Enter your name and click Start!


Start editing your avatar! You can adjust your hair color, eye shape, etc. I personally don’t like using eyebrows and noses when creating avatars, so I was able to choose the “none” option for those parts.


Once you’re done, click OK and this screen will show up. If you are set, click OK once again.


Your own Chanrio character will show up in the following screen! If you bookmark this page, you can return to it anytime to change up your avatar without starting all over again.


Click on Download to save your personal avatar! (I don’t look like this by the way.)

We tried it out with our Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi motifs as well!




Planning to visit Puroland this summer? Great news! The park is holding three great events involving your Chanrio character!

Chanrio Virtual Parade (07.18~08.31)

Your own Chanrio character will start dancing around in a parade with live Sanrio characters in Chanrio Town! Chanrio Virtual Parade is an attraction featuring projection mapping on a virtual screen. Check out this new type of parade located in the Entertainment Hall on the 1st floor.

Chanrio Card (07.18~08.31)

Create your own personal Chanrio Card to receive special discounts! All merchandise becomes 5% off. You’ll also receive ¥100 off the chefs’ recommendations at the three restaurants! Plus, you may receive a special surprise when showing your Chanrio Card to Hello Kitty at Lady Kitty House!

Special Chanrio Items Only at Puroland (07.18~08.31)

Receive secret codes throughout your visit at Puroland to obtain special items for your online avatar! You can find such codes by dining at restaurants, shopping around, experiencing attractions, and even in the virtual parade!


Source: Chanrio Maker

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