Eir Aoi who recently made an announcement about her indefinite hiatus had her last concerts at Budokan on November 4th and 5th. Over 15,000 people rushed to the Budokan to see her last concert.


The concert started with a feeling of tension but once Eir Aoi appeared on the stage, the audience cheered for her from the bottom of their heart.


According to Eir Aoi who stated that she wanted to start this concert with an energetic song, first she sang one of her most popular songs, “Serious.” She barely had an MC talk and she finished her set with her another hit song, “INNOCENCE.”


She finally had a long MC talk for the first time at the encore to apologize to her fans about her hiatus and also to talk about her journey as a singer for this past 5 years. Fans caught her tearing when she was singing “Tsunagaru Omoi” that she composed for the first time as well.

At the end, Eir finished her concert saying “Thank you for finding me. Thank you for loving my music. Thank you for always supporting me.” She performed 24 song in total.

Source: http://animeanime.jp/article/2016/11/07/31230.html


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