I’m not sure if this is worthy of a “hey, congratulations!” but apparently a Japanese graphic designer in Tokyo recently posted the twenty BILLIONTH tweet on Twitter. Of course, since it’s Twitter, the landmark message doesn’t really make a lot of sense:


Translated to English, it reads

“So that means the barrage might come back later all at once.”

that means little without context, but the fact remains that it was an important Tweet, if you believe that Twitter is important.

The man behind the Tweet said he felt humbled by all the attention and communication suddenly heaped his way as a result of setting history.

I guess it’s like winning some kind of contest, like when you go to the supermarket and you are the 1,000,000th customer or something and they shoot off fireworks and make a big fuss. You know, the kind of event where someone gets a lot of attention despite only really being the “right guy at the right place and time”.

Still, I bet this is a cool experience for GGGGGGo_Lets_Go.

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