On Tuesday, March 22nd, the nation-wide final “High school girl beauty pageant 2015 – 2016” was held in Tokyo to decide “Japan’s cutest high school student.” Among all of the girls, third year high school student from Aichi prefecture, Riko Nagai, or “Rikopin” (18) took the title in the grand prix.

Rikopin outshone over 640,000 applicants from all around Japan. Contestants were chosen via the popular purikura machine, Shirayuki, between last July and September. Out of all of the applicants, contestants were narrowed down to 14 girls who were judged on their fashion, singing, dance, acting, and runway walk, among other categories.

The second her name was read, Rikopin burst into tears in shock. She expressed her gratitude in a shaky voice, “I never thought it would happen. I’m really happy.”

Rikopin has stated that her dream for the future is to become a model. Through winning the beauty pageant’s grand prix, Rikopin will be widely advertised on both TV and in magazines, and she also gains the opportunity to be affiliated with a major entertainment agency.

Special guests at the event included comedic duo NON STYLE, model Hana ImaiRyuchell, and Chisato Yoshiki (better known as Chipopo).

Source: modelpress and Arama Japan


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