KKS Halloween: The Kappa

 Since it’s officially the first FULL week of October (that’ll explain my bad planning) let’s get into that good ‘ol Halloween spirit. Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Japan; not to the extent it’s celebrated in America but that’s not going to stop us from talking about spooky Japanese folklore. Tons of Japanese folklore has been adapted into, in often hilarious ways, various anime, light novels, television shows, etc.. Take for instance, the Kappa, in its freaky glory.

Arakawa Under the Bridge season 2

You see that weird plate-like object on his head? That’s their source of power. Nothing with a source of power was ever good news. Like Superman giving heart American Lex Luthor a hard time.

Yes, this is a real comic. Good read.

Don’t feel bad for these suckers; kappas are pretty much another dick in Japanese folklore. Of the many there are but those are for another time.

In legend, they’re often blamed for drowning incidents because they are said to feast on the blood of their victims that they drag from land into their watery death. Some accounts say they even suck the victim’s liver through their bums. This was actually the accepted explanation as the bumhole tends to swell when a person drowns.

For any ongoing kappa research. May your glorious mission prosper. Anime is Natsume Yuujinchou.

Stay tuned for this ongoing series about various creatures from Japanese cultures this month. How many will there be? Who knows, but hold onto your butts until next time.

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