You can make a handmade mask just by sewing two places.
Let’s make using your favorite anime character fabric! 
Things you need.
1 Favorite fabric (Cotton or Guaze)
2 Elastic Band
3 Iron 
4 Sewing Thread
5 Sewing Needle
The material can be gauze or cotton
In the case of gauze, first soak in water to prevent shrinkage.
Put the folded gauze in water for 30 minutes.
Squeeze lightly after 30 minutes.
Then dry for 1-2 hours.
Iron and finish the cloth
Cut the cloth
35cm x 18cm for children
42cm x18cm for adults
Turn it over after cutting.
Fold it up and down in the landscape orientation
Iron where you fold
Fold it in three
Overlap the second fold over the first one by 1cm
Sew the side at 1.5cm
Easy to sew using gusset needle
Make a thread knot inside so it does not come out
Blind stitching 2-3 times at the beginning of sewing
Use a running stitch
Use blind stitching at the end of the sewing. Make a thread knot on the inside.
Sew both sides in the same way
Prepare elastic band
Cut the elastic band to the size of your face
(Child 25cm Adult 28cm)
Stuff the elastic band into the pocket on one side of the mask 
Tie the elastic band end together and hide the knot inside 
Repeat for the elastic band on the other side
Let’s make it with your favorite pattern of cloth! I made my mask using my old HelloKitty handkerchief.
Please remember that wearing the mask doesn’t prevent you getting sick, the mask prevent you making other people sick.
Using a  mask is the same thing using  your hand covering your mouth. 

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