eBookJapan, Japan’s number one ebook store for manga, asked their customers which manga character they would want as their Valentine. They managed to hear back from 560 consumers and posted a Top 5 Manga Characters to or from whom You Want To Give or Receive Valentine’s Day Chocolate.

Top 5 Manga Characters to whom You Want to Give Chocolate
1. Gintoki Sakata – Gin Tama
2. Shota Kazehaya – Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You
3. Jesus – Saint Young Men
4. Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist
5. Tony Tony Chopper – One Piece

Top 5 Manga Characters from whom You Want to Receive Chocolate
1. Kyoko Otonashi – Maison Ikkoku
2. Nami – One Piece
3. Minami Asakura – Touch
4. Lum Invader – Urusei Yatsura
5. Amir Halgal – A Bride’s Story

Yay for Rumiko Takahashi! Too bad Ranma Saotome isn’t in either list haha. I’m a little surprised Fujiko Mine nor any of the Sailor Moon characters made the list. Who would you guys choose? I’d give my vote to Daikichi Kawachi (Bunny Drop).

Some really hardcore fans actually send chocolate to the publishers and authors. 8,000 boxes of Fujiya LOOK Chocolate were sent to the publishing company of The Prince of Tennis for Shusuke Fuji on 2/4. There must have been many more boxes since then!

Takeshi Konomi: Thank you for sending chocolate to my character every year! I got a phone call earlier from the editorial department about 8,000 Fujiya LOOK Chocolate being delivered. Thank you, but please don’t overexert yourselves. I have a feeling this year will be crazy.”


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