Aiba Masaki, member of pop group “Arashi” reportedly has been dating a woman his own age from Kansai according to Japanese tabloid media “FLASH”.

In the news, the apartment where Masaki currently lives has been described to be “of more than 4 million dollar value in a luxurious skyscraper building”. The suspected girlfriend “A” constantly visits the apartment with her dog and spends the night.

Meanwhile just a few days ago, tabloid “FRIDAY” has reported that actress Asami Mizukawa, Masaki Aiba’s on-and-off ex-girlfriend (unconfirmed) is now dating “Death Note” actor Masataka Kubota.

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  1. Is this true?? i thought 2 yrs ago he declared he is a gay? im happy for him if its truee as its time for them to get married now.

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