May’n’s original full album “Prismverse,” featuring single songs released by Digital Double, is set to be released on February 14, 2024! Additionally, new artist photos and comments from May’n have arrived.

“Prismverse” is a term inspired by “prism” and “universe.” It reflects May’n’s diverse activities on a cosmic scale, including singing, songwriting, music production, unit activities, voice acting, and acting.

The album includes various tracks, such as the opening theme “LIES GOES ON” for the TV anime “Liar Liar,” the ending theme “Ahatte Teppen” for “Tepen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” the ending theme “Orange” for “PuraOre! Pride of Orange,” and the ending theme “Shikizakura” for “Shikizakura,” showcasing the versatility of the album.

The CD+Blu-ray edition features music videos for each single and, in addition, includes live footage from May’n’s Special Concert 2023 “May’n Xmas,” scheduled for December 24, 2023.

Following the album release, May’n will embark on the nationwide live tour “May’n ASIA TOUR 2024 Prismverse,” starting with performances at SUPERNOVA KAWASAKI in Kanagawa on February 10 and 11, 2024. The tour will cover 10 venues with 11 performances nationwide, and international performances are also planned.




Source: Animate Times

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