Mrs. GREEN APPLE released “Lilac,” the opening theme song of the TV anime Oblivion Battery.

Shortly thereafter, a “Lilac” music video premiered on the official Mrs. GREEN APPLE YouTube channel. In this video, band members Motoki Ohmori (Vocals/Guitar), Hiroto Wakai (Guitar), and Ryoka Fujisawa (Keyboard) appear as students, performing in a classroom scene reminiscent of their music video for “Speaking” eight years ago. This nostalgic portrayal exudes youthful energy. Ohmori also takes on the roles of a teacher, café employee, mechanic, janitor, police officer, firefighter, produce store clerk, fishmonger, florist, childcare worker, and secondhand clothing store employee, while Wakai portrays a barber and taxi driver, and Fujisawa appears as a traffic controller and carpenter. The final scene brings together all fifteen roles for a grand finale. Including their student roles, the band members play a total of 18 characters, so please take note of the individual characterizations for each role.

Mrs. GREEN APPLE “Lilac” Official Music Video

Oblivion Battery airs on the TV Tokyo network every Tuesday at midnight, with Prime Video offering immediate streaming following each episode. It is also being progressively released on various streaming platforms every Wednesday at 12:30 AM. (Please note that streaming schedules may vary depending on your country.)

Digital Single “Lilac”
Available on music streaming websites such as iTunes, RecoChoku, Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, and Spotify.



Mrs. GREEN APPLE was formed in 2013 and made their major debut with their mini-album Variety in 2014. On July 8, 2020, they released their best album 5, but then suddenly suspended activities. After a hiatus of approximately 1 year and 8 months, they resumed activities in March 2022 and held a comeback concert titled “Utopia” alongside the release of a new mini-album called Unity on July 8. On November 9, they released “Soranji,” the theme song of the movie Fragments of the Last Will. In their 10th anniversary year of 2023, they released the album ANTENNA on July 5 and held their largest arena tour and first dome live. Additionally, they won the Japan Record Awards with “Que Sera Sera” and made their debut appearance on NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen with “Dance Hall.”
In January 2024, they released “Nachtmusik,” the theme song for the movie Silent Love, and on April 12, they released their latest single “Lilac,” the opening theme song of the TV anime Oblivion Battery.
On major streaming services, a total of 15 songs, including “Magic,” “Que Sera Sera,” “Soranji,” “Watashi wa Saikyou,” “Dance Hall,” “Blue Ambience (feat. asmi),” “Ao to Natsu,” “Tenbyouno Uta (feat. Sonoko Inoue),” “Inferno,” “Boku no Koto,” “Romanticism,” “CHEERS,” “WanteD! WanteD!,” “Shunshu,” and “StaRt,” have all surpassed 100 million plays; “Ao to Natsu” and “Tenbyouno Uta (feat. Sonoko Inoue)” have surpassed 500 million plays; “Inferno” and “Dance Hall” have surpassed 400 million plays; and “Boku no Koto” has surpassed 300 million plays. The total number of plays for all released songs has exceeded 6 billion. (Playback counts are as of December 31, 2023).



Motoki Ohmori:
Hiroto Wakai:
Ryoka Fujisawa:

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