We have always wanted to do a bento of Link but the official arts were too detailed. Since we are always about simple bento tutorials, we decided to adopt OMOcat’s design of the Hero of Time… or the Waker of Winds… or is this one the wolf one? Anyway, if you frequent Tumblr a lot, then you would know that OMOcat is a hit webcomic sensationalist there and her work has gain a lot of notoriety these last few years. We’d like to thank her for letting us use her adorable little Link!

How to Make OMOcat Link Bento Video

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6og-8N–250′]


– White cheese
– Egg (or Yellow Cheese)
– Seaweed
– Green Color Mist Spray
– Sakura Denbu (Pink Fluffy Fish Flakes) OPTIONAL
– Picture of Link


Also, the background music we used is by Theophany! He did an excellent with the Majora’s Mask remixed album called Time’s End!

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