Spice up your Bento with some Sausage Art!

We have shown you guys how to make a lot of cute and amazing, also surprisingly easy, character bentos! However, we often neglect to show you how to make some of side dishes that goes along with your lunch. So in this video, Yuna will show you how to make some easy sausage characters using sausage (duh!), seaweed, and cheese!


– Sausage (lots of them)
– Seaweed
– Cheese
– Dry Pasta Sticks

Featured Characters (Difficulty):

– Crab (Easy)
– Octopus (Easy)
– Penguin (Easy)
– Pig (Medium)
– Bunny (Medium)
– Bird (Hard)
– Snail (Bonus. Hard)

Bento Decoration: Sausage Art Video

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up6C96PcbFE’]

* Tip: We recommend watching the whole video once first and then watch again with pauses at each step when making your own sausage art! 🙂

If you made this or any bentos by following our videos, we would love to see and give you guys a shout out! Send a picture to us at KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi@gmail.com . Stay tuned for more cute, cool, and amazing videos.

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