PIKA to PIKO” – singer-songwriter PIKOTARO’s collaboration song with iconic Pokémon, Pikachu – is now available on digital platforms worldwide, along with a newly-released music video which premiered at the August 31 finale of the “Pokémon Virtual Fest” virtual amusement park event in Japan.


Pikachu & PIKOTARO – “PIKA to PIKO” (MV)

PIKOTARO and Pokémon came together to create something to help people smile and have fun at home this summer.

“I’ve always felt a connection with Pikachu,” said PIKOTARO. “I was dreaming of a way to collaborate with Pikachu, so I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to create a fun song together.”

In “PIKA to PIKO”, the internationally famous pair of pop culture icons dance and sing to each other with creative communication and sometimes surprising choreography.

PIKOTARO explained, “I interpreted Pikachu’s words by myself for this song. Nobody knows Pikachu’s language, but I think I understood it in PIKOTARO’s way. In the music video, I call Pikachu ‘Pikataro’ when he puts sunglasses on. Pikachu looks cuter with them on so I think his popularity might increase even more!”

Earlier in 2020, PIKOTARO released “PPAP 2020”, an updated version of his 2016 hit “PPAP” (“Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen”), adding a new chorus of “Wash! Wash! Wash!” with the mission of helping children and adults wash their hands thoroughly. The video – with the message of “Pray for People and Peace” – made international headlines and has been viewed over 10 million times in more than 150 countries.

To create “PIKA to PIKO”, PIKOTARO teamed up once again with arranger KOSAKA DAIMAOU, who produced PIKOTARO’s “Stay-At-Home” trilogy (“PPAP 2020, “Hoppin’ Flappin'”, and “Sukiyaki”). The 2016 viral sensation “PPAP” achieved over 135 million views on YouTube, and the song’s multiple versions have amassed over 500 million views combined.

“I would like all the children around the world to enjoy the collaboration between PIKOTARO and Pikachu,” added PIKOTARO. “The whole world is in a difficult situation now, but I want to warm it up and entertain many people! KOSAKA-san’s sound is really popping, too.”



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