Release of the first key visual!


TV anime “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-” 3rd season’s first key visual has been released. This visual depicts Subaru, Beatrice, as well as Emilia in a wedding dress, and the threat that awaits them in the Watergate City of Priestella.

New information about the 3rd season to be announced
at the AnimeJapan2024 Special Stage on March 24 (Sun) JST!
New information, including the latest clip of the 3rd season, will be announced at the “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-” 3rd season Special Stage at the AnimeJapan2024 RED Stage on March 24 (Sun) JST. Not only will this event be open to the stage audience, it will also be live streamed on the KADOKAWA Anime Channel on YouTube, so please join and watch the latest information in real-time.
Date and Time: March 24 (Sun) 10:25-11:00 (JST)
Guests: Yusuke Kobayashi (V.A of Subaru Natsuki), Rie Takahashi (V.A of Emilia),
               Satomi Arai (V.A of Beatrice), Kohei Amasaki (V.A of Otto Suwen), and
               Nobuhiko Okamoto (V.A of Garfiel Tinsel)
Release of a specially drawn visuals for the AnimeJapan2024 KADOKAWA booth!
Information about merchandise depicting these visuals will also be announced.
In commemoration of the KADOKAWA booth exhibition at AnimeJapan2024, a specially drawn visuals have been released! Please check out Emilia, Ram, and Rem wearing the KADOKAWA ANIME STUDIO guide uniforms. Furthermore, merchandise using this illustration will be on sale at the KADOKAWA booth!
Large-scale exhibition at the AnimeJapan2024 KADOKAWA booth!
A large exhibition celebrating the 3rd season’s production decision will be held at the KADOKAWA booth at AnimeJapan2024 on March 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun)!
The impressive immersive theater with five LED screens will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Re:ZERO and experience the path Subaru has taken leading up to the 3rd season. There will also be a 3D photo spot where you can take pictures with Emilia, Ram, and Rem, as well as a “Door Crossing” experience where you can meet Beatrice! Enjoy the world of Re:ZERO.
“Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-” 3rd Season
A year has passed since the liberation of the “sanctuary”, where Subaru Natsuki defeated Elsa and fulfilled his contract with Beatrice in the battle against the Great Rabbits.
Emilia’s camp was united as they faced the royal election, and Subaru Natsuki was living a fulfilling life, but the peace and quiet came to an end with a single letter delivered by a messenger.
The letter was from Anastasia, one of the candidates for the royal selection, to invite Emilia to the Watergate City of Priestella, one of the five largest cities in Lugunica.
Accepting the invitation, Subaru and his party set off for Priestella, where a variety of reunions awaited them.
One unexpected, one unintended, and one to come.
The stirrings of malice writhing beneath the surface of the water and an unprecedented crisis loom over them.
Once again, the boy faces a cruel fate.
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