Get ready to rock with Ae! group’s debut single 《A》BEGINNING! It’s now streaming worldwide exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music!

A new kind of act for the dawn of a new era in Japanese music, Ae! group (pronounced “a group”) brings their “Ae! game” to 《A》BEGINNING’s unflaggingly aggressive mix of dance and pop-rock; accompanied by a video that sizzles with hard cuts, dramatic lighting, and each of the five members’ own signature appeal.

A physical disc drops May 15th wherever Japanese CDs are sold, featuring additional songs and behind-the-scenes video content across three separate formats as well as a bonus photobook version exclusive to the Universal Music Store.



Subscribe to their new solo YouTube channel for more music content tied to this and future releases, as well as the fun (and very funny!) variety videos to be uploaded weekly on Tuesdays:


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