SixTONES just dropped a new sonic bomb! Their fourth album, “THE VIBES,” is finally hitting the airwaves with the sizzling lead track, “ANTHEM.” The song is streaming worldwide exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music!

“ANTHEM” is the perfect fusion of old-school rock vibes and funky beats, encapsulating the wild signature flair of SixTONES. Shot in a raw, rough-cut style, the accompanying MV screams the essence of pure SixTONES energy. This track is an invite to the ultimate fun party—a reminder that SixTONES doesn’t follow anyone’s beat but their own! Fans can’t get enough of this signature SixTONES sound and the band’s refusal to play by the rules.

The full album’s physical disc version will be released on January 10, 2024, featuring additional bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes video extras!

Don’t miss out on SixTONES’ previous hits available online or their hilarious variety videos dropped every week on their official YouTube channel.

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