The lines between J-Pop and K-Pop are increasingly being blurred. It”s no coincidence that the Tune in Tokyo sound is an amalgamation of Gobal Pop with an Asian flavor–we love to spin whatever is catchy and progressive, and any of our attendees will know that we love dance music from both Japan and Korea.

Tune in Tokyo was founded as a J-Pop and J-Rock club event, and since our beginnings in earnest, our sound has expanded to reflect the widening and more integrated Asian pop market. A big part of this change has been influenced by what many are calling the “Korean Wave”, or Hallyu, marking the greater export and influence of South Korean dramas and music in the last decade.

We are particulary interested in the synergy between Japan and Korea in modern music culture. K-Pop has certainly exerted an influence in the Japanese market in recent years, with the staggering popularity of Tohoshinki (a.k.a. TVXQ! or Tong Vfang Xien Qi). The Grace (a.k.a. Tenjōchiki or CSJH) was an early entrant as part of the Korean Wave in Japan back in 2006. BoA is, of course, the best known Korean artist in Japan in the last decade, having produced a huge catalogue of Japanese material. In fact, BoA is probably better known internationally for her theme song “Every Heart” for the anime “Inu Yasha”, recorded in Japanese, than her Korean language releases. More major Korean artists have been making their debut in Japan, with Big Bang and Kara being notable examples. Girls Generation will soon make their Japanese debut.

The greater presence of K-Pop not only makes for an interesting injection of a fresh sound into the Japanese market, but it also represents some significant shifts in cultural attitudes, and the direction in which music pop culture moves through Asia and the world at large. At Tune in Tokyo, we”ve always appreciated the way music moves from one culture best online casino to another, and is re-interpreted, localized, and then produces all kinds of interesting new sounds. This flow of pop music culture doesn”t move in one direction. You see J-Pop influenced Korean Pop like Orange Caramel (the new sub-unit of After School), J-Pop and K-Pop influenced Thai pop like Seven Day and Neko Jump, collaborations–like Aoyama Thelma and TaeYang”s “Fall in Love”, Green Day inspired Pop-Punk acts in Japan, the Wonder Girls launching an ambitious plan to release new music in Korean, English, and Chinese, plenty of Lady Gaga creeping into South Korea by way of both her music and Buy your lesson vouchers online now!Buy cash vouchersYou will need the voucher recipient’s postcode to complete your gift voucher purchase. fashion, and Korean groups like f(x) and Miss A featuring members from China.

We happen to love this synergy, because when different music cultures come together, it also brings together different people. It”s a great way to make friends, exchange ideas, and increase intercultural communication. As DJ Del has often observed, music is a universal language.

Our foray into K-Pop began with Tune in Tokyo”s DJ Tora dropping the Wonder Girls” “So Hot” and other tracks in Indie Clubs around LA at the International Pop Conspiracy parties in “97 – “98. It”s fascinating to see the way the Korean Wave has effected Global Pop, and J-Pop in particular, since then. Were always looking for fresh new sounds from across the world, and will continue to deliver it to you on our dance floor! If you hear of any new and exciting trends in global pop, let us know!

Join us for our first-ever K-Pop Meet-Up at I Love Boba on Friday September 3rd! We”re throwing an unofficial pre-party for the SM Town concert at Staples Center, which will be held on September 4th, featuring SM artists such as BoA, Girls Generation, Super Junior, f(x), SHINee, and more! Come party with us the night before at Koreatown”s best boba cafe, located at 534 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020. No cover, and all ages!

Greg Hignight
DJ and Founder, Tune in Tokyo

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