Everybody, shout!

Get ready to turn up the volume and groove to the beats of Snow Man‘s latest music video release, “POWEEEEER“! This highly anticipated track, accompanied by a dynamic dance video, is now available for streaming worldwide on YouTube and YouTube Music. With the group’s leader, Hikaru Iwamoto, personally choreographing the dance, this song is bound to captivate audiences with its energetic rhythm and mesmerizing moves.

Hikaru Iwamoto

“POWEEEEER” is a digital release from Snow Man’s immensely popular third album, “i DO ME.” The album itself created a sensation, selling over 1 million physical copies in just three days! This high-energy track showcases the hypnotic abilities of the group when they hit the dance floor.

In the vibrant music video, Snow Man takes center stage against the backdrop of a neon-lit gym. The setting serves as the perfect canvas for their electrifying performance as they flex, get funky, and have some serious fun playing a song that’s guaranteed to get you up and moving!

One highlight of the music video is the impressive breakdancing performed by Daisuke Sakuma. Daisuke adds an extra layer of excitement to the already exhilarating track.

Daisuke Sakuma

“POWEEEEER” is also featured as the theme song for the “Power Up Your Refreshment” campaign by MINITIA candies. As an official brand ambassador, Snow Man brings boundless energy and charisma to the campaign!

With Hikaru Iwamoto’s remarkable choreography, Snow Man showcases their talent and passion in a visually stunning MV, “POWEEEEER.” Turn up the volume, hit the dance floor, and let Snow Man energize your senses and get you moving!


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♬ POWEEEEER(サビver.) – Snow Man



Snow Man

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Official site: https://avex.jp/snowman/

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