The 2023 J-Pop scene was defined with a wide assortment of vibrant tunes, always keeping us entertained from January until December!

Recochoku summarized the top 20 singles of 2023, so let’s take a look.
You might be familiar with some of these songs already, but perhaps you can also discover some new ones to add to your playlist!



20. “ホワイトノイズ (White Noise)” by Official髭男dism (Official Hige Dandism)


19. “祝福 (The Blessing)” by YOASOBI


18. “美しい鰭 (Beautiful Fin)” by スピッツ (Spitz)


17. “SPECIALZ” by King Gnu


16. “オトナブルー (OTONABLUE)” by 新しい学校のリーダーズ (ATARASHII GAKKO!)


15. “Smile Again” by BE:FIRST


14. “星月夜 (Hoshizukiyo)” by 由薫 (YU-KA)


13. “コイコガレ (Koi Kogare)” – milet × MAN WITH A MISSION


12. “JUST DANCE!” by Travis Japan


11. “青のすみか (Where Our Blue Is)” by キタニタツヤ


10. “Candy Kiss” by Travis Japan


09. “心得 (Kokoroe)” by Uru


08. “愛の花 (Ai no Hana)” by あいみょん (Aimyon)


07. “勇者 (The Brave)” by YOASOBI


06. “Subtitle” by Official髭男dism (Official Hige Dandism)


05. “第ゼロ感 (Dai Zero Kan)” by 10-FEET


04. “唄 (Show)” by Ado


03. “Mainstream” by BE:FIRST


02. “絆ノ奇跡 (Kizuna no Kiseki)” by MAN WITH A MISSION × milet


01. “アイドル (IDOL)” by YOASOBI



Were any of these songs new discoveries for you? Let us know in the comments!

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