TSUBASA Group Co., Ltd., which has been advertising and marketing for high school students for over 30 years, conducted a “Halloween Questionnaire Survey” for 200 fashion-conscious high schoolers in Shibuya.

In 2021 the first Halloween celebration will occur as the state of emergency in Japan is lifted. We would like to share a survey report of the 2021 Halloween situation including the latest from high schoolers who are typically ahead of the trends in Shibuya, reporting what they will focus their attention on and how they will spend Halloween 2021.

1) Do you have any plans for Halloween this year?

Yes 74.0%

No  26.0%

2) What are you going to do?

  1. Wear Costume or Do cosplay 50.0%
  2. Will have a party 23.0%
  3. Exchange sweets 20.3%
  4. Go to the photo booth 16.2%
  5. Sleepover party 2.7%
  6. Go to Tokyo Disneyland 2.7%
  7. Go to the event 0.7%
  8. Go to Shibuya Hachiko Exit 0.7%

Note that 74% of high schoolers answered that they plan to do something this Halloween. 50% of these students answered that they would dress up in a costume and cosplay.

Even after the state of emergency was lifted, there are many comments about taking pictures in photo booths and enjoying Halloween at school or at home without participating in events with lots of people.

3) What is your budget for Halloween this year?

  1. 3,000 yen 20.3%
  2. 2,000 yen 12.2%
  3. 1,000 yen 10.8%
  4. 10,000 yen 10.8%
  5. 4,000 yen 6.8%

Most of the high school students answered that the budget for Halloween in 2021 was “3,000 yen (20.3%)”, and the average value was “3,850 yen”.

4) What kind of cosplay would be popular this year’s Halloween?

  1. Heisei Gal 18.0%
  2. Squid game 12.0%
  3. Paper House 11.0%

“Heisei Gal ” is the most popular costume and cosplay this year! Heisei ((The Heisei era is the period of Japanese history corresponding to the reign of Emperor Akihito from 8 January 1989 until his abdication on 30 April 2019) is nostalgic and “loose socks” are reviving among latest Reiwa high school girls, so they will be seen more often on Halloween this year.

The second most popular costume was “Squid Game”. This is the costume of the popular Korean drama called “Squid Game”, which was released worldwide on Netflix in September 2021. This drama was watched by 111 million households in 17 days and became the biggest hit in Netflix history. High Schoolers are paying attention to the Squid game cosplay which will definitely be popular this year.

The third most popular was “Paper House”. This is the costume from the popular Spanish TV drama series that is also distributed on Netflix.

High Schoolers think that the red hoods and masks that imitated the main cast robbers in the drama were going to be popular.

Netflix shows seem to be a trend even among Japanese high school students.

5) Which song is the most favorite Halloween song?

The most popular was Crazy Party Night ~ Pampkin’s Counterattack ~ / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

[The High schoolers in Shibuya’s 2021 Halloween trend summary]

Halloween has become an indispensable event in recent years in Japan. Many high school students plan to enjoy Halloween with a small number of people this year, avoiding crowds, but they still wear costumes and enjoy cosplay. The main purpose is to take photo booths, take pictures and videos with friends, and you can understand the close relationship between Generation Z, who actively use media and Halloween.

In addition, while there are concerns about a resurgence of infection and being exposed to COVID-19 after the state of emergency is lifted, we also see the high awareness of high school students who are concerned about preventing the spread.

“Plain Halloween” that reproduces the scenes of everyday people was popular in 2019.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was in a self-restrained “Wearing Mask Halloween” mode.

At Halloween in 2021, the costumes that imitate the revival phenomenon of Heisei and works of TV dramas and animations are likely to become a trend.

The main reason for this is that it is spread from UGC (User Generated Content) posted on TikTok, and it is also a synergistic effect of the popularity of the work. We think that Generation Z’s established video culture will continue to create trends on video platforms.

Virtual Shibuya Halloween Festival!



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